Film Review: Computer Chess

Computer Chess is the latest film from Mumblecore director Andrew Bujalski, a semi-mockumentary (more about that later) about 80s computer programmers striving to create the ultimate chess program, shot on 80s era video equipment.  Despite its […]


Review: The Canyons

The Canyons: Paul Schrader says, “Eh. Fuck it.” The use of real-life porn star James Deen as antagonist and leading man in Paul Schrader’s no-budget film, The Canyons, makes comparisons to Boogie Nights lazy but, […]


Die Hard: 28 Years Later

28 years ago today saw the release of a summer actioner that changed the game. Die Hard was a successful conflagration of several elements, tried and true as well as groundbreaking, that became the new shorthand for action […]