Saturday Morning Cartoons: Salt Water Tabby (1947)

It’s Labor Day weekend, generally considered to be the last weekend of summer (though not technically so), and I currently sit on the Florida Gulf Coast, soaking in some much-needed sun. So for this week’s edition of Saturday Morning Cartoons, I thought it would be nice to bring all of you to the beach with me … sort of … with the help of everyone’s favorite cat-and-mouse duo.

Released in July of 1947, Salt Water Tabby marks the 31st entry in the original theatrical run of  MGM Tom and Jerry cartoons. The usual shenanigans take place–Tom, in heavy flirtation (read: jerk) mode with longtime love interest Toodles Galore, is distracted by mischievous Jerry’s enthusiastic snacking on Toodles’ picnic basket. The typical breakneck gags occur, with Tom getting the worst of it, whether it’s a crab making paper dolls out of the cat’s tail (making for a great visual), or Tom losing all of his teeth by inadvertently biting down on a shell sandwich. And, as we’ve come to expect in this series, in the end, after all of the gags and the pranks and the misdeeds, it is Jerry who is victorious, sailing triumphantly off into the sunset (literally).

Not one of the better Tom and Jerry shorts, for sure, but enjoyable nonetheless, and perfect for getting one in a “beachy” kind of mood.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, folks!


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