The Retro Set Virtual Alt-Fest: Friday Edition!

Hollywood Blvd decorated, for the first time, for the first ever TCM Classic Film Festival, April 2010.

Welcome to the Retro Set Virtual Fest: Friday Edition! Join the party and follow the links below – no matter where you are!

We understand that most of our followers, and lovers of TCM are not able to attend. During the festival, our site live tweets and FBs and Instagrams on site, as we watch the movies, enjoy the special events and meet-up with like-minded folks.

But this year, you can watch the films at the same time we do. Go to the links below, and hit play at the exact time we are beginning to screen. Live-tweet to us @the_retro_set and hashtag #TCMFF and join the party.

In order to get you the most bang for your buck, we’ve opted for some of the easier sites to locate movie streams, like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and FilmStruck. (In fact, almost all the titles available can be found through Amazon Prime, we just are not personally “promoting” any specific site).

Also, some of the films showing at the festival are rare, and don’t have a streaming counterpart. In those cases, we’ve curated films we think have a commonality with those offered at the festival

The festival programs in 2 hour blocks – so throughout the fest, we’ll be linking you to this article, so you can link to the movies at the same time.

We look forward to “virtually” meeting you and socializing. As always, remember to #StayClassic! Now #LetsMovie

You can find the TCM Film Fest schedule here:

FRIDAY, APRIL 7th – 9:00 – 11:00AM PDST

Rafter Romance (9:00 AM) Unavailable  – May we suggest Ginger Rogers in 42nd Street –  Watch it here!  

The Maltese Falcon (9:00AM) Watch it here! 

Cry, The Beloved Country  (9:00AM) Watch it here!

Beyond the Mouse (9:00AM) (Unavailable) but check out our alternate choice: A Host of FREE Ub Iwerks streams:




It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (9:15AM) Watch it here!


11:30AM – 1:30PM PDST

One Hour With You (11:30AM)Unavailable, but can we recommend this other Ernst Lubitsch Classic To Be Or Not To Be Watch it here!

Born Yesterday (11:30 AM) Watch it here!

Beat the Devil (11:15AM) Watch it here!

12;15 – 3:00PM PDST

Lady Sings the Blues (1972) Watch it here for FREE!

1:45 – 4:30PM PDST

A Conversation with Peter Bogdanovich (3:00PM) This live event is unavailable  but may we suggest this excellent conversation with the director:  Watch it here!

The Princess Bride  (2:00PM)  Watch it here!

Monkey Business (2:00PM) Watch it here!

Barefoot in the Park   (2:15PM) Watch it here!

Panique  (1:45PM) *The Retro Set Pick Watch it here!

4:30 – 8:00PM PDST

The Bridge on the River Kwai (5:ooPM) Watch it here!

So This is Paris (4:30PM) Unavailable, but may we suggest this other early Ernst Lubitsch classic The Merry Widow? Watch it here!

Broadcast News (5:15PM) Watch it here! 

The Magic Box (4:30PM) Watch it here!

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (4:30PM) Watch it here for free!

7:00 – 9:15PM

Red-Headed Woman (7:00PM) Watch it here!

Vigil in the Night (7:30PM) Unavailable, but may we suggest this Carole Lombard alternative, Nothing Sacred? Watch it here!

The Great Nickelodeon Show (7:15PM) This special live event is unavailable but check out our alternate choice: the Peter Bogdanovich film Nickelodeon Watch it here! 

7:30 – 9:30PM

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (7:30PM) Watch it here!

9:00 -11:30PM

High Anxiety (9:15PM) Watch it here!

Laura (9:30PM) Watch it here!

Twentieth Century (9:30PM) Watch it here!

Cat People (10:15PM) Unavailable, but may we recommend this other Val Lewton classic The Body SnatcherWatch it Here!

Those Redheads from Seattle (9:45PM) Watch it here!


ZARDOZ – 12:00AM – Watch it here! 


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