Quiet on the Set: Halloween Behind The Scenes!

Ahhh, Halloween. Sure the stores have been selling candy corn and ghoulish goodies since Memorial Day, but now that it’s almost here, all of us here at The Retro Set are getting excited! Whether or not your idea of a fun Halloween is breaking the bank on outrageous costumes and themed parties, or if it’s just staying in your PJ’s and ordering in some pizza, there’s one thing that all of us can agree on when it comes to what makes Halloween so much fun: the movies.

It’s impossible to imagine Halloween without something fun and scary playing in the background and it’s probably safe to assume that, when it comes to movies, we all have our traditions. John Landis’ epic Thriller in all its 12 minute glory? Binge watching the best of the Universal monster classics? Indulging on cult zombie flicks or re-visiting masterpieces like The Exorcist and The Shining? Whatever your flavor, the holiday wouldn’t be nearly as fun without them.

We rounded up some behind-the-scenes archival shots–many of them rarely seen–of some of essential Halloween classics to celebrate the season!

Please note: The following photos are copyrighted property of their respective studios and archives and may not under any circumstances be used elsewhere without written permission. If you would like assistance on how to obtain any of the photos used, please contact us: info@theretroset.com.

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