Brigitte Bardot is The Worst Spy Ever. (But Still Sexy AF)

brigitte bardot

The Pictorial Palette is a creative exercise that selects a still from a classic film and explores its color patterns. It is our hope that these little swaths of color will provide a needed burst of energy– perhaps even inspire a smidgen of creativity–to infuse and rejuvenate the weekly drudge. 

Babette Goes to War (Babette s’en va-t-en Guerre) is a 1959 light comedy starring French film star and sex goddess Brigitte Bardot. A curious little film, French director Christien-Jaque takes a lighter look at the German Occupation of France with sex-kitten Bardot as a WWII version of Mata Hari. Except … minus the street smarts.

Bardot is a German refugee in 1940s England, and because of her considerable, shall we say, assets, is recruited by British intelligence as a spy to woo horny German officers. The wooing part is easy. The espionage part? Not so much. Bardot is, simply, not cut out for the spy game and ends up hurting British intelligence more than helping … in the most adorable way possible, of course.

Babette Goes to War is not in print in here in the US (if it is, please someone out there correct me), and that’s probably for the best because the theatrical US release in 1959 was dubbed … and dubbed pretty darn badly. A fact that most likely accounts for the reason that the film was a flop state-side, but a big hit in France. Let’s be honest: no one wants to hear Bardot dubbed by an American. We want that sexy French accent in all its glory.

But the film itself is an overlooked piece of light, airy fun, and if by chance you come across a screening, please do give it a chance: Bardot simply sparkles in the role and more than makes up for the film’s shortcomings. In fact, it’s this writer’s opinion that comedy was actually her best skill. (Come at me!)

I love this sultry, pouty still of Bardot as Babette– and the colors make for a fittingly broody palette.

Brigitte Bardot

Feeling creative? Palette hexes are as follows::

#f1c1a2; #232b1c; #c4483c; #000000


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