Welcome to The Retro Set!

Fed up with 5 minute celebrity culture?

Is Kimye killing your soul?

Crave a little class, culture, and cocktails?

Then welcome, comrade, to the Retro Set. A place where you don’t have to be a hipster to love vinyl, you don’t have to be an academic to love Kubrick, and you’ll never have to be embarrassed about your ultra geeky Netflix playlist. Whether it’s classic movies, vintage tv, art house cinema or maybe even the latest episode of Game of thrones, The Retro Set is here to share your passions and give you a home for you to engage with your cultural comrades.

Classic culture is more than a hobby– it’s a way of life– and the retro set is your one stop, all-inclusive destination for all things classic … and not so classic.

So pull up a chair while we pour you a martini and say cool, stay current, and stay classic with the Retro Set.

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