50 Years, 50 Films

Covid-19 makes us do strange things – baking bread, canning fruit, assembling scrapbooks, sewing masks, drinking more alcohol than ever imagined, and watching a ton of content. We’re also making lists. At least I am. […]


Safe At Home Blu-Ray Round-Up

With the world turned topsy-turvy over COVID-19, now might be the best time to catch up with some of the latest Blu-ray releases of classic and foreign films. Here are ten capsule reviews of new […]

DWT: Drinking While Talking

DWT Presents: Roots, Rock, Reggae

Drinking While Talking Co-Host Wade Sheeler brings back his class ic podcast tracing the roots of rock, R&B, reggae and popular music. Each episode he takes a genre or song and goes as far back […]