1. Hi Jill and Wade. I love this series. Thanks for featuring me yesterday. Kellee, I love that you were watching, Witness for the Prosecution in grammar school. When I was that age, the one i remember was Hitchcock’s Lifeboat, Seems like they played that a lot. For those of you looking for Kellee, my daughter who is overwhelmed by all names and faces. she refers to Kellee as the woman, whose smile you can see from orbit.

    1. Chris- SO excited to see you guys soon!! It’s funny that your daughter should use that specific description of my smile- my kids say this exact same thing! In contrast to your lovely daughter, somehow when MY kids say it, it never sounds like a compliment (oh, the little dears!) LOL.

    1. Wade Sheeler Author

      Would love to meet you, Annette! Just an FYI – we’re putting together an alt-fest starting Thursday where you can stream the movies at the same time as we’re watching them at the fest, so we can all hang out and enjoy! Thanks for following us and #StayClassic!

  2. Wade, thanks again for asking me to do this- I hope everyone has an unforgettable experience at TCMFF, as I know I will. For all the TCMFF attendees, please say “hi!” if you see me running in my comfy shoes on Hollywood Blvd!

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