1. I always loved Kaye and surprisingly have never seen “Up In Arms,” which of course, now I have to see after reading your review. I agree with your take on him – that Kaye’s “wildly manic behavior, and clownish persona” made him appeal to children and adults. As a kid, I loved “Hans Christian Anderson” and as an adult I recognize the amazing vocal and physical talent that Kaye brought to his films. I can’t watch Kaye and Crosby perform, “Sisters,” from “White Christmas” without laughing out loud…(as much as that term is overused.) I will be asking Santa for the box sets this year!

  2. Very nice review ! Danny Kaye is good in “Up in Arms” but when compared
    to the polished, more sophisticated, and controlled lunacy of later films, it
    is not as watchable. He really is manic; but his amazing talent is already
    obvious in “Up in Arms”, that’s why it’s so interesting to watch.
    *By the way, he worked in the Borscht Belt as a “tummler” , not a “tumbler”.
    It’s pronounced “toomler” and means one who makes tumult. 🙂

    1. Wade Sheeler Author

      Thank you so much for your response – coming from you is quite n honor! And you are absolutely correct about “tumbler,” it was a mistype. I’ve corrected. Appreciate you keeping me on my toes.

  3. Wade, I’ve been a fan of Danny Kaye since I was a little kid watching him on TV when I was growing up in NYC, and your delightful review of UP IN ARMS made my day! As for the “Jap” scene, I guess we can’t fault the film for NOT being ahead of its time. Nevertheless, it’s great to see Danny and Dinah in this great little blast from the past! Great post!

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