Omar Sharif, Laurel & Hardy, and The Iron Giant:The Retro Set Minutes 7.10.15

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Heading today’s news is the passing of Omar Sharif who died this morning at the age of 83. The legendary Egyptian actor, star of such classic films as Funny Girl, Doctor Zhivago, and Lawrence of Arabia, suffered a heart attack and was also battling Alzheimer’s Disease. Turner Classic Movies has already released a video tribute to the actor that can be seen here.

Also in obit news, producer Jerry Weintraub passed away at the age of 77 on Monday. The power producer’s dizzying array of credits include Ocean’s Eleven,Nashville, and The Karate Kid. RIP, sensei.

Actor and comedian Maya Rudolph keeps her TV tuned to Turner Classic Movies 24/7 so her four children can pick up “old timey lingo.” Nominate her for Parent of the Year Award, please.

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse is bringing the concept of an interactive movie experience to a whole new level. Are you brave enough to watch Jaws on the big screen…floating on an innertube in a lake?


Is Tom Selleck the next William Mulholland? Um, no, but the Magnum P.I. actor has reached a tentative settlement with Ventura County’s Calleguas Municipal Water District after allegedly pilfering water from a public hydrant for his Hidden Valley avocado farm.

File this one under #FirstWorldProblems: The super-elite community around the world famous Hollywood Sign is suing the City of Los Angeles for failing to keep tourists out of their oh-so-exclusive Beachwood Canyon community. (Yeah, see, how about not moving next to a world-famous landmark?)

Living legend Dustin Hoffman sums up pretty much what we’ve all been thinking: Hollywood movies are the worst they’ve been in 50 years. (TV, on the other hand, is the best its ever been.)

The Iron Giant, one of the greatest animated films of all time, is coming back to screens for a much deserved one week engagement. Pencil in September 30th on your calendar and make sure to bring plenty of Kleenex.

Hey you guyyyys: Goonies 2 is officially happening. And according to director Richard Donner, he wants the entire cast back for its encore. (Jeff Cohen, however, has long since shed his baby fat so there’s no chance in hell of a truffle shuffle.)


And while we’re on the subject of remakes and franchises: We continue to be cautiously optimistic for the upcoming Star Wars Anthology series: it was announced this week that the next film after this Christmas’ The Force Awakens will be about the origins of Han Solo. It will be helmed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (of The Lego Movie fame)  and retain Star Wars vet Lawrence Kasdan as scribe.

Wired treated us to a rare inside look at the Library of Congress’ Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation,– the fortress where highly flammable nitrate films go to die live.

And finally: a portion of the greatest cream-pie conflagration in film history has been recovered. Laurel and Hardy’s short “The Battle of the Century” uses 3,000 pies in a sequence that is the end-all-be-all motherlode of cream-pie fights, and with its newly found second reel gives much-needed context to the fight. The New York Times lovingly details the journey of the cream pie in film history, and why this short is the pie fight to end all pie fights:

Second only, of course, to this one:

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