1. I agree Jill! Myrna Loy has long been one of my favorites, and I read her autobiography years ago (when getting a copy wasn’t that difficult). When I read Emily Leider’s bio recently, I was very disappointed. Perhaps if I had read that first, I wouldn’t have been, but I felt that Leider’s work focused way too much on rehashing Loy’s work, as you said (which I could read on IMDb) and not enough on her as a person. I also didn’t feel that I was reading anything new at all, except for those few details that she goes into that Loy did not touch upon (the child bearing explanation is the only one I remember off hand) – if you’re going to write a biography after someone has written their own autobiography, I think it should have a sufficient amount of new material and new references, which this did not.

    I agree that Leider’s bio was well written, but overall, it was quite a letdown for me after reading Loy’s work.

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