1. “Godfrey loves me, he put me in the shower!”
    “And they all lived happily ever after on an ash pile.”
    “HANG CARLO!!!”

    Oh my goodness, how I love this movie. And you have written a beautiful piece on it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, thank you so much for all your insights!

    1. Carley Johnson Author

      Oh thank you so much, Lara, for the kind comments!! I think “HANG CARLO” is one of my favorite lines from any movie ever. (Could Mischa Auer BE any funner<-- said with a Chandler Bing inflection....)

  2. Beautiful article about a beautiful film, Carley. With the Oscars coming up, it’s amusing to note that “My Man Godfrey” holds the distinction of being the ONLY film to be nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay as well as all FOUR acting categories but not Best Picture (and this was a year where there were 10 Best Picture nominees). Ironically, one of the films that WAS nominated for Best Picture – “Libeled Lady,” also starring William Powell – failed to be nominated in any other category.

    That was a good year for Powell at the Oscars. In addition to those two, he also starred in “After The Thin Man” (nominated for Best Screenplay) and “The Great Ziegfeld” (which won the Best Picture and Best Actress awards). Powell was nominated three times personally (for “The Thin Man” and “Life With Father” in addition to “My Man Godfrey”) but never took home the prize.

    Thanks again for your wonderful comments about this wonderful movie.

    1. Carley Johnson Author

      Hi Jon! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words–I am humbled. And I did NOT realize that Godfrey was the only film to ever be nominated in all those categories except best picture. Academy Fail. (ESPECIALLY when you mention that Libeled Lady wasn’t nominated either …) Thank you again for your insightful comments!

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