1. Wade Sheeler

    Hey Kyle:

    While I understand your unease at the stale argument that “they don’t make films like they used to,” perhaps when comparing filmmaking “before” and “after” CG, (specifically action/adventure/sci fi and horror) the argument that folks like Edwards are attempting (and maybe not succeeding at) is a discussion of a time when the director and special effects team had to work with real, tangible objects; whether it be miniatures or real stunts and stunt people, and now it can be all done on a computer. There is, arguably, something to this idea the us oldsters love to grab hold of and not let go — that “in the old days” even when the budget could handle any and all elements (a very rare occasion) the filmmakers still had to figure out a real, three dimensional way to “make it work.” The current idea of the “Pandora’s Box” that the computer has opened, means that the audience and filmmakers no longer have to deliver something that we are all complicit in understanding; is really, in some mode, actually “happening” before us. We can now watch entire civilizations destroyed, or see 100 feet tall monsters and no longer worry or care about how “they” did that.

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