Review: The Canyons

The Canyons: Paul Schrader says, “Eh. Fuck it.” The use of real-life porn star James Deen as antagonist and leading man in Paul Schrader’s no-budget film, The Canyons, makes comparisons to Boogie Nights lazy but, […]


Blu-Ray Review: Les Vampires

Louis Feuillade’s silent French serial series Les Vampires (1915-1916) is primarily remembered today for inspiring filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, Christopher Nolan, and Olivier Assayas (who paid homage to the series with his film Irma […]


Movie Review: Turbo

The Fast and the Furious with snails. That’s how writer-director David Soren pitched Turbo, the latest release from DreamWorks Animation. And yes, the film is just that implausibly simple: gastropod Theo (Ryan Reynolds) yearns to […]