The Retro Set Minutes for the Week: 5.30.14

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Happy Friday, boys and girls! It’s been quite a week of film stories, big and small. From the passing of a literary titan to the potential disappearance of a John Wayne classic, the week ending May 30th has dealt us its fair share of loss, both mortal and immortal. But never fear; in film land every cloud has a silver lining, or at the very least, a Nicolas Cage Super Edit to bring a smile to the most curmudgeonly lips.

And away we go…

The lead story for all of us, if you’re a lover of humanity, was the passing of one Maya Angelou– one of our greatest poets and human beings. NPR gives us a fitting overview of this literary giant. 

Maya Angelou wasn’t the only loss we are feeling here at The Retro Set. How about this ethnic defining actor, cowboy and swingin’ singer who lived to be 100? 

Actor and philanthropist Karlheim Böhm, known for his work in the popular 1950s Sissi films and his work with director Michael Powell on the controversial Peeping Tom, has passed away at the age of 86. 


Where do you stand on the issue of dangerous Hollywood messaging; or journalists who call out members of the industry for implied misogyny? Obviously, Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow feel sandbagged. 

On a (thankfully) lighter note, Pixar releases the plot details for their most “internal” movie yet.

And speaking of releases; look at what Criterion has ’round the bend! Check this defining classic over here at Amazon as well!

There’s a powerful and powerfully surprising HBO documentary about Robert DeNiro and his father premiering, or we should say “coming out” on June 9?


This was also a week for a lot of personnel and “will it/won’t it” release shifting. Seems the dream team of Edgar Wright and Ant Man is a thing of the past. 

As well, Tarantino’s Hateful Eight will finally make it to the big screen, and not just in rumored table reads

If you’re still a lover of the written word, (and if not, why are you even here) check out this release info on Critic Farran Smith Nehme’s first novel which is available for pre-order.

So Paul Newman is responsible for pretty much ruining the lives of women (and men) everywhere with his unrelenting amazingness. Buzzfeed thinks so too. Here are “17 ways Paul Newman Ruined You For Other Men.”

And when it comes to readin’ and writin’, who better than Out of the Past’s Raquelle offering up a Summer Reading Challenge?

You’d think all the great classics that reside in all the deep vaults would be on the list for restoration, right? Well, you’d be wrong — and this John Wayne classic is quickly deteriorating! We must remember The Alamo!

Speaking of the Alamo – if you love the Alamo Drafthouse and all things Austin (as we do) get your self over there for a month long Von Sternberg & Dietrich film fest – all in glorious 35mm prints!

Over at Where Danger Lives, feast your eyes on 100 Gorgeous Film Noir Movie Posters and question whether you have a soul.

Love Neil Diamond? Like, “Love On the Rocks” love? Then maybe you should take another look at The Last Waltz, and decide if he belongs with The Band or was just part of a “not so” shrewd marketing ploy. 

And finally, who doesn’t love them some over the top Nic Cage craziness? TGIF, and TG for this Super Cut!



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