St. Vincent Bill Murray The Black Maria Minutes 10.10.2014

The Retro Set Minutes 10.10.2014

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What a week it’s been, dear readers! Whether it’s been fortuitous or tumultuous for you, and whether or not you take stock in the theory of  “Mercury in retrograde,” there’s no arguing that a lot happened in the world of filmed entertainment over the last seven days. So let’s get into it!

The Retro Set Minutes 10.10.2014

First up, the film community’s twitter-verse was on fire with opinions, counter-opinions, and outright “crazy-talk” regarding Turner Broadcasting laying off roughly 10% of its workforce, and how that would impact TCM. Here at the Retro Set, we were most concerned how this would impact the over 1400 unemployed people and their families.  As the “debate” dust begins to settle, a few intelligent voices can be heard above the din. One such voice is Miss Pickford over at  Rather than paraphrase, please take a moment to read it here.

In other news…

The entertainment community lost two very special, and very different, people. Geoffrey Holder, the iconic actor, dancer, choreographer, producer, artist and fiery soul passed. He was 84.

And the very untimely death of actor/comedienne Jan Hooks has shocked her many fans. She was just 57. Thanks to Ms. Hooks, we know our history well, and that there is no basement in the Alamo.

Jan Hooks Pee wee's Big Adventure The Black Maria Minutes 10.10.2014

The much-rumored Ghostbusters reboot is no longer hearsay. Who you gonna call?  Not who you’d expect.

It’s Cameron Crowe to the rescue  as a poorly conceived TV series on Say Anything gets the kibosh.


And speaking of Cameron Crowe — he may have bought a zoo, but did you know Tippi Hedren’s little girl once owned a Lion? Or that it was previously owned by a Satanist?

Frank Capra The Black Maria Minutes 10.10.2014

Frank Capra

Over in our “Don’t Bother With Film School” Dept., Frank Capra dishes on his favorite filmmaking techniques in a very candid 1982 interview.

Disney released the “Diamond Edition” Blu-ray of the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty this past Tuesday, and includes 3 scenes never-before-seen. (Look for a review this weekend from our Animation Editor Brandie Ashe!)

Marilyn Monroe The Black Maria Minutes 10.10.2014

If you’re in the market for some classic film eye candy, then look no further than this sumptuously delicious coffee table book, “Styling the Stars.” A tome of beautifully assembled “continuity photos” from the 1930s – 60s of movie stars, just before cameras rolled.

Meow, what is so damn funny? A Super Troopers Sequel is happening, and yes, there will be mustaches.

Super Troopers The Black Maria Minutes 10.10.2014

A “vital and missing link” to the Sherlock Holmes canon, thought lost, has been found! THIS is why film preservation must continue to be funded. (Ahem, getting off soap box again.)

And, yes, we buried the lead — but here is the most amazing news we’ve heard all week!

Now here’s something sublime to get your weekend off to a great start. A solid two minute scene from St. Vincent, opening this weekend. Why, yes, The Retro Set does love Bill Murray, thankyouverymuch.



  1. I also have to point out that Paul Revere, leader, founder, and keyboardist of Paul Revere & The Raiders also died. Paul Revere & The Raiders didn’t have any films to their credit, although they were frequently seen in classic TV shows (they even appeared on Batman).

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