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  2. What a strange sad film The Misfits is. I’ve found that if I recommend it to people and tell them the picture is about despair and they are okay with that they have a more positive reaction to it. The film is a unique experience but one to be appreciated more than enjoyed. It seems incredible that since all the characters appear to be about the same age in the film, save Gable, that Eli Wallach would outlive all of them by 45 years and the last before him was Thelma Ritter the senior cast member who passed away in 1969.

  3. Great write-up, as usual, Carley. It’s been way too long since I saw The Misfits (and I was probably too young to fully get everything in it), but even then I was struck by its indelible sadness and the end of an era (many eras, in a way) that it represents in cinema. I should look at it again as a film, as it exists in my mind more as a symbol than anything else.

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