Here’s Looking at You, Betty

Movie lovers worldwide have suffered yet another horrible loss that has left us overwhelmed with sadness. On the heels of the tragic death of the beloved Robin Williams, the Hollywood community was dealt another terrible blow with the news that Lauren Bacall had died at the age of 89. To call the actress a legend is simply not strong enough a word. Bacall was one half of the Bogie-Bacall screen-to-life romance, she practically christened The Rat Pack, and was a powerhouse blend of brains and beauty that rather reinvented the idea of screen sexy. Her smoky voice, angular features, and square-shooting sass made her famous—but her dignity, grace, and loyalty to her friends off the screen is what made her a truly great lady.

Beautiful, heartfelt tributes and obituaries have inundated the internet, so the Maria wishes to bid farewell to dear Betty—who was one of the very last of Classic Hollywood’s leading ladies still with us—with her own words.

Enjoy the gallery of photos and quotes below and remember just who it was who taught us all how to whistle…

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