10 Things Every ANNIE HALL Fan Needs In Their Life

Annie Hall

Annie Hall was released 39 years ago today, and there’s really no question that Woody Allen’s tour-de-force and a real benchmark in romantic comedy.  The script is sharp, fast and deeply funny, and his direction is so natural (you can’t get much more natural than two people just sitting and talking) that the more risky, experimental aspects of the film come across flawlessly. So what better way to celebrate the film’s birthday than by watching it again! (And if you’re like me, you’ve probably lost count.)  Well, how about going on an Annie Hall-themed shopping splurge?

Here are 10 things that EVERY Annie Hall fan needs in their life. Now.

These fantastic throw pillows.
AHallPillowsThis “woven polyester” floor rug. (Which also comes as a pillow, clock, and phone case.)

annie hall rug


This shirt. Obviously.

Annie Hall Shirt

This ridiculously adorable cartoon print.

Annie Hall print

This perfect Valentine’s Day Card.

Annie Hall Valentine's Day Card

And this perfect card for your friends that are into … uh … leather.


These rather beautiful coffee mugs.

Annie Hall Mugs


This very necessary tote bag.

annie hall tote bag

Every last one of these wall prints.

Annie Hall print



This NOPE.

Annie Hall Ugly Pillow


And … not sure how i feel about these …

Annie Hall Dolls

But a big hell yes to the glorious human being that created this Polyvore Set:

Annie Hall Polyvore


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