Extra Late Edition of The Retro Set Minutes: Who Ya Gonna call?

Hi all! It’s late. It’s Friday. It’s time for the Retro Set Minutes.

Let’s do this.

First up: a number of today’s biggest names weigh in on their favorite classic movies. Vin Diesel’s is … Gone with the Wind? What? And  Kristen Bell loves The Apartment (and so should you).

Speaking of Kirsten Bell, she’s starring in a certain remake of a certain movie, of which the trailer came out this week … we approve.

On the other side of the trailer-sphere? Zoe Saldana’s long-delayed (and already much maligned) Nina Simone biopic trailer was released … we are … interested to see what happens here.

How out of tune are we when we whistle Gershwin? Probably A LOT.

And because a week can’t go by without at least some kind of Star Wars news: It’s here, everyone: the Han Solo Comic You’ve Been Waiting/Dreaming/Dying for.

And while we’re on the subject of Star Wars— R2 D2’s creator has died. RIP Tony Dyson.

The Sunset Tower is one of the classiest joints in all of TinselTown, and it’s bar? Classier– if that’s possible. The Hollywood Reporter pays tribute– and we raise our glasses

And finally… The Last Silent Movie Star. Baby Peggy is still alive and kickin– especially in this rockin’ interview.


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