1. SIGH. Just now getting around to reading this thanks to a packed weekend. But I could not love this any more!! This article rekindles that fire in me from my Duranie obsessed days of high school. Duran Duran was my religion, my cult. I breathed, slept & ate the Fab Five. What a sex-starved teen I must have been and these deliciously sensuous videos didn’t help matters, I’m sure.

    1. Carley Johnson Author

      “Duran Duran was my religion; my cult”! Possibly THE best description of fan obsession ever. Thanks so much for reading, Kellee, and this getting YOUR stamp of approval means a lot!! (And yeah, um … these videos are, like, waaaaaay more sensuous than any of the gratuitous stuff out there today.)

    1. Carley Johnson Author

      Oooh!! NIGHT BOAT, of course! Major #FacePalm for forgetting about that! (Maybe I’ll add it in as an honorable mention…)

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